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[Schedule]Tuition fee payment(Spring 2018) 

hqiof (hqiof) 2017/12/20 12:11:14


Receipt Period

Payment bill print date


New student

(Undergraduate, Graduate)

Initial payment

2018.02.07(Wed)~02.09(Fri) (3days)

From 2018.02.06(Thu)


1st additional

2018.02.21(Wed), 2. 22.(Thu)~ 02.23(Fri) (3days)

From 2018.02.19(Mon)


Enrolled student

Initial payment

2018.02.22(Thurs) ~ 02.28(Wed) (7days)

From 2018.02.20(Wed)


1st additional

2018.03.06(Tues) ~ 03.07(Wed) (2days)

From 2018.03.05(Mon)


2nd additional

2018.03.13(Tues) ~ 03.14(Wed) (2days)

From 2018.03.12(Mon)

Number of school days 1/4 : 3.27days

3rd additional

2018.03.28(Wed) (1day)

From 2018.03.27(Mon)


Final payment

2018.04.04(Wed) (1day)

From 2018.04.03(Tues)


Installment payment

Application period

2018.02.12(Mon) ~ 02.14(Wed) (3days)


1st payment

2018.02.22(Thurs) ~ 02.28(Wed) (7days)

From 2018.02.20(Mon)

Ensure you make the first payment

(If payments are not made, the installment payment will be cancelled automatically)

2nd payment

2018.03.13(Tues) ~ 03.14(Wed) (2days)

From 2018.03.12(Mon)

Number of school days 1/4: 3.27days

3rd payment

2018.04.10(Tues) ~ 04.11(Wed) (2days)

From 2018.04.06(Wed)


4th payment

2018.05.09(Wed) ~ 05.10(Thurs) (2days)

From 2018.05.08(Tues)


Bank for payment : All Jeonbuk Bank, Nonghyup Bank branches located in Korea

To print the tuition bill

  - Access Chonbuk National University webpage and Tuition webpage via (http://fees.jbnu.ac.kr)

  - CBNU webpage After you login into the portal site, you can print the bill

Payment method :  Direct bank payment, Internet banking, Phone banking, CD/ATM, Can use your mobile

  * It is possible for someone else to pay on your behalf (parents etc payment is possible with other peoples name)

  1. Direct bank payment : After printing the bill, visit the bank and make payments from 09:0016:00

  2. Internet banking, phone banking, CD/ATM, Use of mobile: fill in the supposed account on the bill and pay.

    start of bill payment 09:00 ~ completion of bill payment 17:00

    If you use any bank other than Chonbuk Bank you will be responsible for the remittance charges.

How to check tuition payment

  - CBNU homepage CBNU portal OASIS 2.0 After login, you can check the account paid to in real time



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