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CBNU Researchers Receive 20 Billion Won 

proffice (proffice) 2017/05/31 15:46:55
CBNU Researchers Receive 20 Billion Won

12 Billion Won of Support Earned for 120 Projects

Chonbuk National University has been proving its research competitiveness by continuously winning government and private research support projects.

In April and May, CBNU researchers won 120 projects for 12 billion Korean won (approximately 12 million US dollars), in addition to 20 billion won in support for 117 projects in February and March.

Following are the projects selected for the recent two months:

* A Big Data Analytics Based on Deep Patient Model for Precision Oncology
* A study on biomarker research for high temperature stress resistant broiler system
* A Study on development of endmill shape for high Quality trimming of CFRP
* A Study on Ocean Geoacoustic Properties Estimation
* A study on statistical computing methods in Bayesian inference
* A study on the role of osteoblastic niche in the modulation of hematopoietic stem cell aging
* Characterization of anion channel protein and its application
* Collective Personality Fit and Diversity- How Effective Are They in Predicting Relationship Conflict
* Combined analysis of association study and RNA-seq
* Conodont biostratigraphic study of the Lower Paleozoic strata(Jeongseon Limestone, Haengmae and Hoedongri Formations), Jeongseon-Pyeongchang area
* Controlling p-/n-type of reduced graphene oxide for applications of flexible opto-electronic devices
* Convergence methodology of spatial analytics and machine learning to predict the fine dust level
* Design of Two-Dimensional Organic Molecules for Solar Cells by Quantum * Chemical Modeling and Relationship of Molecular Structure- Solar Cell Properties through Synthesis
* Developing a complex problem solving task design manual in a real-world situation considering learner cognitive load for science teachers
* Development of activated carbon structure-based gas sensing module with water- and dust-proof functions
* Development of bioleaching-selective sorption combined technology for environmentally benign recovery of precious metals from urban mines
* Development of composite typed nanostructure photoanodoe for solar hydrogen production
* Development of dog sperm cryopreservation using chemically defined freezing extender and determination of its efficiency
* Development of educational programs to promote the formation of trading zone * according to types of incommensurability for enhancing convergence research competency of science and technology researchers
* Development of endosomal encapsulation through screening AMP based on phage display
* Development of ESD-EMI Protection Device for Wearable ICT Instruments
* Development of Etch Processing Using Fluoro-ether and Fluoro-alcohol Precursors as Alternatives to PFC Gases
* Development of harmful parabens detection technique using by phage display techniques
* Development of high efficient oxygen carrier materials for chemical-looping hydrogen production system with low cost CO2 capture
* Development of isothermal nucleic acid amplification method for the rapid on-site diagnosis of plant viral diseases
* Development of Low Temperature Combustion-based Transition Metal Oxide Interface Material for Highly Efficient Flexible Perovskite Solar Cell with Long-Term Stability
* Development of low temperature water driven low power adsorption cooling system
* Development of Mg/carbon nanocomposites with high hydrogen-storage capacity and hydriding and dehydriding rates by adding carbonaceous materials, transition metals, and compounds
* Development of Pulse Power Mill(PPM) and its application to high purity crush processing of silicon row materials
* Development of solar cells and modules using kerf-loss free wafer
* Development of wind resistance design method for building cladding to decrease of Strong wind damage
* Flexible and transparent ultraviolet photodetectors employing solution-based processes
* Formation and doping of quasi-free-standing monolayer graphene on the SiC substrate
* Functionalization of surface wettablity based on bio-inspiration for oil-water separation membrane
* Integrated flavor analysis on key flavor compounds in traditional Doenjang using Flavoromics approach
* Investigating the properties of cosmic dark energy
* Investigation of autophagic regulatory factors and function on translational study of cell apoptosis
* Investigation of mechanical intermixing in (CoNiMoW) systems and manufacture of nanocomposite surface alloyed layers on the metallic sheets under intense plastic deformation induced by ball collisions
* La formation du radicalisme philosophique
* Loss of Sirt6 in hepatocytes aggravates cholestatic liver injury
* Metabolically healthy obesity and risk of incident cancer: focusing on gastric, colorectal, liver, breast cancer
* Nanostructured carbon materials for next-generation energy production and storage
* Natural user interface based on e-textile
* Novel approaches targeted toward Hippo pathway for treatment of chronic renal fibrosis
* Optimal Path Planning and Sustainable Flight of Solar-Powered UAV Considering Weather Conditions
* Portable Microbial Fuel Cell System Using Beverages as an Energy Source
* Regulatory mechanisms of TGF-beta signaling in tooth and periodontium formation
* Relationship between control of imprinted gene expression and generation of integration-free porcine induced pluripotent stem cells
* Research for Efficacy and Mechanism of Active Components of MOTILIPERM that Improves Sperm Motility
* Research of the angiogenic effects on tissue injury
* Research on regulation factors and molecular mechanisms of cerebellar development
* Research on the non-planar light-emitting diodes
* Reversible Luminescence Coordination Compounds via Metallophilicity
* Roles of neighborhood perception and social activity participation on the relationship between depression and suicidal ideation: Comparison across the life cycle
* Selection of Geographical-Environmental and Climatic Factors and Developing Site Index Curves
* Solid-state, foldable transparent supercapacitor electrodes with the capacitance of 300 F/g and extreme folding of less than 3 mm radius of curvature
* Spin characteristics and spin manipulations in Pervoskites
* Structure suggestion of green and functional ionic liquids for task-specific separation and purification
* Study of risk assessment and dissemination route of colistin resistance of major Enterobacteriaceae derived from poultry
* Study on Layered Variability Modelling and Validation Approach
* Study on management plan for the control of population size of alien Korean fishes based on sensory organs
* Study on Self-Assembly of Soft Materials Using Small Angle Scattering Techniques
* Study on soft decision based linear detection scheme for massive MIMO system
* Study on the Design of Fault Current Limiting Type HTS Cable Core
* Study on the inspection of ultrafine cracks in metallic bone plate by combining high-speed laser ultrasound with digital image correlation
* Study on the preparation of perovskite photoactive layers and its applications via bottom-up approach
* Study on the securing key technology for development of the distribution class superconductivity-conductivity hybrid power cable
* Synthesis and characterization of electro-conducting ion-exchange polymer-coated carbon particles for enhanced inverted capacitive deionization
* The development of a hybrid fluidization process for CO2 negative power generation
* The development of hybrid joint technic for HTS coated conductor
* The elucidation of the roles of physical interactors between Arabidopsis and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria, Pseudomonas fluorescens
* The regulation of interactions between dopamine D2 receptors and calcium -mediated signaling in schizophrenic models
* The role of adventitia on the vascular stenosis: adventitia-derived PDGFRα as a stem-like cell
* The role of GPX4 and CXXC5 on the pathogenesis of acute and chronic liver injury in mice
* The role of peroxisome in the inhibition of breast cancer metastasis by modulation of MMP expression
* The role of Toll-like receptor 7 and Mincle in the pathogenesis of acute and chronic liver injury
* The Schumanns, and Issues of Intermediality related to Music
* The study about intestinal bacteria-mediated interaction between CheongyeolHaedok and ulcerative colitis
* The study for investigation and immunological mechanisms of porcine origin immunosubstances
* The study of immune evasion and pathogenesis mechanisms of zikavirus
* The study of in ovo feeding with nano-nutrition on muscle growth in broiler chicken.
* The therapeutic strategy for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by searching the roles and action mechanisms of Nanog
* Various trial of therapeutic hypothermia for improving post-cardiac arrest syndrome in cardiac arrest animal model
* Woodworm Project



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